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Justin’s Story of Addiction Recovery SOAR

After a 28-day stay at Justin’s Place in East Naples, men spend six months at the remote Port LaBelle Inn and Conference Center, which St. Matthew’s House purchased in 2014. Granite Recovery Centers has been transforming the lives of alcohol and drug dependent adults from New England and well beyond. We talk about a group of people coming together with one purpose in mind. And the amazing thing about that is the friendships that are built. Some of the bonds that I’ve made in sobriety, and made through the community that I integrated back into, are the strongest bonds that I’ve ever made. What the community really did for me was gave me confidence, confidence in who I was, to go and face those fears, and get out there.

Justins Recovery and Success Story

Justin Daniels has a Bestseller with his first book “No More Vodka in My Orange Juice”

“Sobriety is a lifelong learning process,” he concludes. “I wrote No More Vodka In My Orange Juice to provide a simple, user friendly guide to aid people who are interested in finding their own path to recovery. My story is real, heartfelt and brutally honest; written for real people who want real answers and liv real lives. Grew up in a very religious household, Justins Recovery and Success Story which was difficult for him as a young, gay kid. When he was just 14 years old, he ran away from home and lived on the streets, where he was introduced to drugs and alcohol. His substance abuse and addiction started very early in his life, and by the time he was 18, he had already managed to get sober for the first time with the help of the 12-Step Program.

  • In driving school, the instructor talked about the signs of alcoholism.
  • With continued population growth, breeding range expansion and the minimization or removal of threats, the species could approach the biological milestones where it could be considered for delisting.
  • As it turned out, the man I had just met was the Director of the entire treatment program.
  • This positive shift, announced on December 11, 2023, highlights the tremendous efforts of national and international conservation initiatives.
  • A painful cycle that Justin, and many others suffering with addiction, have endured and fought through to find recovery.
  • He thought people in his life would be better without him.

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At jobs, Matson is upbeat and chats with customers. He knows customer service is critical for repeat business. He plans to expand from local moving to more distant moving jobs.

Justins Recovery and Success Story

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He enrolled himself and successfully completed a 90-day inpatient treatment program at the American Recovery Center, where he accessed the resources and support he needed to continue his housing journey. From there, he moved into Recovery Bridge Housing and began taking steps to continue his education. Today, he resides in a sober living center, where he is thriving. He diligently attends NA meetings and is working with a case manager to secure a permanent apartment. ” After they determined I wasn’t sneaking anything in, they checked my blood pressure and did a basic physical exam to determine whether or not I needed to stay in the detox unit.

  • He describes being so consumed with his addiction that he didn’t even notice how much he was spending.
  • To support programs like HSR and impact the lives while Uplifting the Human Spirit of those who come into our care, visit WestCare Nevada’s website HERE to see how you can be part of saving lives.
  • Three main efforts appear to have brought the fish back from the brink.
  • Next, a coalition of those tribes, state agencies and nonprofits unleashed a limited supply of hatchery fish to boost runs in places like the Big Quilcene River.
  • Speaking with him, it’s clear why he’s been so successful in business… and why he’ll continue to be successful on his road to recovery.

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  • But the population has surged in recent years, thanks to a curbing of harvests, habitat restoration and use of hatcheries to bolster populations.
  • No information will be disclosed to any party without the written, documented consent of the client.

Realizing the need for help is the first step of your journey to recovery.Our alumni decided to embark on their own healing journeys and change their lives forever. That pretty well set the tone for my stay at rehab. Their philosophy was built on the principles of tearing a person down to build him back up again. If you walked in the door because of an addiction issue, you were scum – total, useless, deplorable scum. They wanted to make you hate yourself and feel worthless so you’d give up your control to them – kind of like an abusive relationship. I made a beeline for the back of the room when a man said to me, ‘Hey.

To the outside world, Justin Daniels was a very successful businessman, a loving husband and a doting father. Even better is the interview I got to do with him. I got to shoot questions at Justin and we had a wonderful conversation about addiction and rehabilitation. When told of Justin Daniels book I wanted to take a look at it as addiction has plagued me, some of my friends and others in my family. Martinez’s job at the dealership is to address issues customers may have with the service department. She lets them vent — if they need it — before she convinces them she is there to solve their problem.

Justins Recovery and Success Story

Justin Daniels of Clarity Way – No More Vodka In My Orange Juice

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